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  1. GuyYouDontKnow

    Circuit Bent - Arachnid

    Version 1.0.0


    wacky song with some wacky timewarps. for all you peeps who can't use visual effects, it's perfectly fine to use high contrast mode. the difficulty's not supposed to come from the dark colored bubbles. glhf or whatever idk what these descriptions are supposed to say anymore edit: the reviews are in! "This is my new favorite level from you Guy" -Zain "oh well" -Waved "Hey Guy this is very good, I enjoyed it a lot" -Furret "very nice timewarps, uhhh think there was some parts in the start that seemed kinda drawn out" -para "Ah shit it has 8 enemies (don't tell azure)" -Anonymous edit edit: this level is now on the list! come get y'all's points!
  2. GuyYouDontKnow


    welcome my dude
  3. GuyYouDontKnow


    i really really like this level! first of all i love the mix of silver and green - while the outlines might have popped out a bit much it was still super pretty. i thought it was cool how you made the bubble decorations get tighter as there was nothing else going on in the song, which brought the focus to the only other thing happening and also was a really good setup for the two waves immediately after. maybe it was a little too stressful for the calmness of the song the first time through, but i still liked it, and it was even better once i realized that i'm still safe in the center with it there. everything else fit the atmosphere of the song super well, and it was a super chill and relaxing level throughout. the bit with the thick bubble stream and the alternating linear bursts was super pretty as well, even if it wasn't an entirely original idea. i like the tiny variations you put into each pattern - you could easily expect what kind of pattern would be next, but not the exact pattern that would show up. there was enough variation to be interesting but enough repetition to be predictable, which was nice. solid 7.5/10 tl;dr really pretty calm, easy, and relaxing level that's got a lot of subtle nice things about it, but is a little on the repetitive side
  4. GuyYouDontKnow


    pizza time
  5. GuyYouDontKnow

    Nitro Fun - New Game

    Version 1.0.0


    really fun and jumpy song with a level to match have fun or else
  6. GuyYouDontKnow

    Feel the fire

    this level is super pretty! seriously, the effects were awesome. whole level was super colorful and the colors you went with fit the song really well. i think some of the timewarps and bullet speeds could have been tweaked a bit to match the mood of the song a little better, but the patterns were still real fun to navigate around. i do agree with what some other people said in that it just kinda felt like you were borrowing from other levels, but this still stood out as something unique to me, i think. really liked what you're doing here! thoroughly enjoyed it
  7. GuyYouDontKnow

    Shadrew - i am slep (Meganeko Remix)

    Version 0.0.0


    its ok
  8. GuyYouDontKnow

    Trash80 - Theia

    yoooo this is super cool! i love the concept of this level - bubbles fire, and then the part of the song repeats with invisible hugs fired instead. i know some of y'all don't like invisible bullets but this is very well-telegraphed and it even gives you a nice little hint in the tag under the song title, if you don't figure it out just by playing it. it's a simple concept but this level uses it in several interesting and unique ways so that it doesn't get too stale. i did have a handful of issues with some parts being a little more difficult than others, but the second playthrough made it a little better. i love the whole dynamic you created by having you avoid some bullets one time around, and then go back and touch them again when it repeats. really awesome level, y'all should check it out. solid 8.5/10
  9. GuyYouDontKnow

    Crying - Wool in the Wash

    Version 1.0.0


    first of all: shoutout to azure for suggesting this song for me! second of all: i didn't really have a second of all and i'm not sure why i started the description like that. enjoy the level, y'all. or don't! because it's your l
  10. GuyYouDontKnow

    Tourist - Wait

    i seem to have liked this level a bit more than everyone else has quite a few of these patterns were really unique - i like the kind of movement you need to get around the streams near the beginning, and also the thing you did where you blocked off half of the arena with bubbles while streams came in from the outside was a cool idea (although it took a while for me to be able to read it properly). that kinda leads in to my only real problem with it - some of the patterns are kinda hard to read? there were a lot of streams that didn't have very clear or obvious gaps in them and i had to resort to just flicking (or just getting hit) a little bit more than i'd want. i'd take that with a grain of salt though because i'm not exactly what you'd call "good" at the game. some patterns were definitely easier than others though, so if you wanted to have something that was consistently hard or consistently more easy, balance is probably something that could have been worked on. otherwise? a lot of these patterns, especially near the beginning, were really neat looking and took some creative movement to get through. the color scheme fit nicely and i liked the half-cascade gimmick (although it probably could have worked better if you focused in on it more, but that's not that important) - everything synced up well and worked great with the song. tl;dr patterns are unique, fun, interesting, and synced well, but it's difficult to find a path through some of them and balance could be worked on. enjoyed it quite a bit
  11. GuyYouDontKnow


  12. GuyYouDontKnow


    response to greet
  13. GuyYouDontKnow

    Guy's Old Levels

    Version 1.0.0


    finally getting around to reuploading all of my old levels from the other forum in the form of one easily accessible pack. track list (in chronological order (bolded ones are worth points!)) SiivaGunner - P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Kirby Planet Robobot) the first level i made. Muzzy - Junction Seven the first level i made that was actually serious. Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda (1 point) the first level i made that was actually good. F-777 - Space Battle (2 points) i hate f-777 songs... i guess i'll have to play this one without headphones. Mudeth - Machine in the Walls this level sure existed, didn't it. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From the Sun shoutout to samul_a for the song suggestion. enjoy
  14. GuyYouDontKnow

    Fractal - Spection

    the time warps are cool as heck, the patterns are unique and cool, and everything fits the song pretty much perfectly! my only criticism with it is that a lot of the later patterns have a ton of sitting in the center and aren't as interesting to play as the first half is. i thoroughly enjoyed this level, thanks for making it!
  15. GuyYouDontKnow

    Seven Lions - Summer of the Occult

    holy shit dude this level is cool. the time warps are actually perfect, the patterns themselves are cool as shit, everything fits the song perfectly... not to mention it looks great as well. it's a bit difficult but it's definitely beatable if you want to put the effort into it. check this one out, it'll definitely be worth your time.

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