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  1. iffydsu

    Level Requests

    this is one of my favorite levels of all time I think you'll love it https://www.dropbox.com/s/etbn3w76stycuo9/All Hotel Mario Cutscenes.rar?dl=0
  2. iffydsu

    Give me a song

    If you decide to do this but can't get a download I can provide you with an mp3
  3. iffydsu

    Spellbound II - Vindsvept

    I really liked this one. It has the same charm that the original Spellbound did and I think it makes a good sequel. All of the patterns are pretty fun to play and they work well the level. My biggest complaint is that around the ending, the level gets a bit messy and some patterns start to feel like they have no reason to be there. The parts near the end are also a bit more cluttered and also feel maybe a bit too fast for what I would have liked for that specific part. Other than that, this level is a really great improvement from some of your other work, great job!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    One of my favorite songs off of Radiohead's album "In Rainbows" This is my first time making a level out of this type of song, so I would appreciate some criticism saying what I did right and what I did wrong. Thanks to Hence for making the color scheme, even though it's basically a daily routine at this point.
  5. iffydsu


  6. iffydsu

    Donkey Kong 64 Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Too lazy to find the individual level pictures again so I put a pick that represents the entire pack quite well. Grant Kirkhope - Jungle Japes Grant Kirkhope - Angry Aztec Grant Kirkhope - Frantic Factory Grant Kirkhope - Gloomy Galleon Grant Kirkhope - Fungi Forest Grant Kirkhope - Crystal Caves Grant Kirkhope - Creepy Castle Grant Kirkhope - Hideout Helm

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