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  1. Waved


    You asked for criticisms, so here's some. For a 4th level? Pretty sweet looking. I would use the excuse of the song being so short for a reason why the somewhat copious amount of copy paste seems unfitting and a little lazy, but for a level this early I guess it's just a learning point. Probably my biggest issue besides the one above would be how it seemed SO MANY sounds in this rich and full song were left unsynced, and it all felt a little underwhelming. Again, as an early level, understandable. I would probably ultimately suggest you spend a bit more time on making sure the level is varied enough and such. If you have anything you would like me to playtest, just DM me on Discord. I'd probably be for it. Overall a good few first steps, I hope to see more from you in the future.
  2. Waved

    The White Stripes - Black Math

    Hmmm. I wasn't a fan of thing one at all. There were 2 major issues that are pretty hard to fix (I even find them hard to avoid myself) so don't feel bad (also, it's all just my opinion so don't sweat it). I felt like the song sets it up to be a level that would be difficult to make fun. This level was too fast and made it not very enjoyable. Patterns come at you with not nearly enough time to react and dodge properly. There's not much to elaborate, it's just that basic and major of an issue. Like I said, the song doesn't do any favours to help that so I can't blame you. There was an overall lack of things that were interesting. Everything was just pretty basic accompanied by overly high speeds and it all kinda felt like the same thing and forgettable. So yeah, not one of your best levels in my opinion. I guess there wasn't an abuse of copy/paste which was a good thing for me. I feel like you may be falling into a spiral of just using the same patterns in every single level, which grows tiresome for me anyways. Like I said, I'm guessing you tried to experiment with fast songs? I like that, that's a good thing. It's a start and good practice for whats hopefully later to come. That's all.
  3. Waved

    Touch-Tone Telephone

    Version 1.0.0


    If youre going to write a review, please don't use the extremely helpful piece of criticism "its a waved level" thanks
  4. Waved

    Need To Feel Loved (Adam K and Soha Vocal Mix)

    This is like your 3rd level or something? I thought it was pretty decent. There were a few things that I'm about to mention that I think are fair criticisms about this. Some small things: The very start with the streams pattern seemed so much harder and chaotic compared to the rest of a calm level. I guess at least it's at the start. Some parts seemed so much more empty than others and the inconsistency was noticeable to make them feel like unfinished afterthoughts. There were several patterns that seemed too fast for the tone and mood of the song and resulted in unfair gameplay in some spots. 2 larger but still small things: -The part in the middle with the streams with 0 time warp seemed kinda cool but when playing it didn't feel synced or fitting? There was plenty of noise during the absolute 0 time warp and it felt off. -There was this one pattern with waves being shot and then super fast hugs being shot to the middle and I remember it being really hard to activate them? It's an easy fix and went on for a while. So yeah. For a 3rd or something level, this was pretty good. While it had it's issues it was an interesting take on the song compared to the other level of it. I noticed it wasn't especially memorable or fresh feeling but that's a lot to ask of a newer creator. Cool level, good work. (also small thing, RVN happens to be Seth's old username and when I saw it I jumped lol. With the new (not that new anymore) feature of folders, I find putting a prefix on levels kinda redundant and unnecessary now, but it doesn't really matter)
  5. Waved

    Oliver - Snow Tape

    What a cool level, not only in size but in the sheer hard work of everyone involved. The levels are vastly different, some are really good, and others are perhaps not my type, but I would say a combination of the 2 would make me place this level comfortably with an 8. Can't wait for the next level!
  6. Waved


    Version 1.0.0


    he guys back here with abother sounddodger level today I m sharing this so my bff friend ZainGD can downlaod it and beat it with our zen mode onm! GG subnscribe on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmapKSj3UlaQBIJwWU4CykQ here s the video incase u wanna see! https://youtu.be/J6dVrV32p4Y
  7. Waved

    Kozilek - Can't Catch Me

    These colours didn't fit at all for me. They struck me as "Light and Cheery" which this song is definitely not. There were less individual problems and more just the entire thing I wasn't a fan of. A lot of the patterns were unfair, didn't fit the song, or synced poorly. A notable example would be the huge thick waves near the end of the level (like, where do those come from??) and just little things like scenarios that force the player into a super vulnerable spot to get hit by something unfairly (sometimes a good thing, not in this case though). Overall, it wasn't very fun to play and wasn't memorable or did anything interesting. Sorry, I wasn't a fan at all.
  8. Waved

    Nitro Fun - New Game

    As much as I dislike the song, this was a pretty ok level. I did, however, have some criticisms. Here they are; My main issue with this level was that for me, the energy of the song was just so incredibly lacking in a lot of parts. This was very obvious in both drops and a lot of other sections. The drops and certain parts of the song felt empty and slow for the audio and it was just, not very representative of the song as all for me. I don't see why you had to copy/paste the chorus. I felt so much possibility for those parts of the song and was a little disappointed when the 2nd drop was just the same thing but slightly changed. Overall not your best level, but good enough. Some parts were pretty creative and fun to play, and the colours were very fitting. This level was very you and I think that's something to be proud of.
  9. Waved


  10. Waved

    Feel the fire

    Yep. I think you've already surpassed a lot of "Good Creators" in the discord server in my opinion. I found 2 issues that aren't super important and easy to fix. I'd say this level's main problem was a sync issue I noticed throughout the whole thing, Involving time warp, spin rates, and some bullets in general. This is super easy to fix though! While almost all of the hug patterns were super cool, some of them seemed kinda unfair and harder compared to the rest of the level. This can also be fixed easily though. So repeating myself, this is probably the best first level I've seen ever. While nothing really stood out, this doesn't need to be something fixed immediately judging by how far you have to go with this editor in the future. Thank you for making this refreshing level.
  11. Waved

    Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix)

    This was good, I liked it. There were a few things I noticed could be improved though. Here they are; The portions with the solid white background felt kinda out of place and unfitting. This could just be me but eh, we'll see what others think. Speed was a recurring issue for me. Some patterns seemed way too fast for what the represented, and felt too cluttered to justify being that fast. This issue was also kinda present in your prior 3ish levels so I suggest looking out for that in the future if it becomes a recurring problem. This little piece may make it seem like it's somewhat unimportant but I can't really say much other than that and it was a somewhat big problem for me. Throughout most of the first half, the spaces in between lyrics were empty and often left me with nothing to do with a lot of noises present, and this felt kinda wrong? IT's as easy to fix as simply adding a stream or something, or, building onto my last point, slowing down some patterns to make them last longer, since there seemed to be no reason to rush their exit. So those were the particular issues with this. This was pretty good and maybe your best level in my opinion so far? I will say I was close to giving it an eight but it's missing something that made it particularly fun to play or super memorable, but still, very good work. Also, I commend you on very little copy-paste, which is a problem I notice from you often. Thank you.
  12. Waved

    Shadrew - i am slep (Meganeko Remix)

    Yep. This is a good level. I was taken aback when both of the effect patterns you used almost simulated being underwater (which I think the song is themed) and were overall very cool to be in. There's not a lot to complain about. I would say some of the time warps made dodging certain patterns frustrating, and some parts were a little messy/crowded compared to the minimalistic & clean mood of the rest of the level. A few patterns added a very slight difficulty inconsistency I felt and above all else, a small sync issue was p[resetn I felt in a few spots. That's all though. This was really good, Thank you.
  13. Waved


    Version 1.0.0


    Video description
  14. Waved


    I'm gonna say this first, you cannot play this level for fun or properly without specifically going for 100%. Because of the gimmick, if you get hit once, that's it. It's hard to enjoy the level after that since you cant see yourself. It's kind of a bummer especially for how long the level is and its exactly easy to fix to maintain the gimmick. The time warps in the middle are kinda hard for the calm sounds in my opinion. I would tone those down. I don't have much more to say. Other than that, the level was OK for sure. Patterns were good, but kinda failed to be interesting for me, and again, it's hard to play the level just for fun with the heart meme. But considering this is like your second level, this is better than average. Nice work. (If yall saying "dude forget about the heart issue and just rate the level" this is also part of the level)
  15. Waved

    Trash80 - Theia

    There wasn't too much to complain about, rather some personal gripes that made me enjoy it less (i still enjoyed it). Here they are. The black hug idea? Cool. Fresh. Well used. Fitting. For me personally though, when I can't see everything I tend to get stressed out and evidently, enjoy the level a little less. Still, super nice usage of it in general. There were a few instances where collecting hugs would result in you getting hit in an unfair manner by fast patterns. Not a huge deal, but maybe you should look into that since it wasn't because I got them too slowly. Other than that, this was pretty good. You had a nice set of ideas and put them here. I commend you for not abusing copy-paste.Thank you for making this fun lil' meme.

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