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  1. ToiR


    Hello! we love to have you here, hope you enjoy this game as much as you enjoyed JS&B, this game consist basically what you saw on JS&B, but it's more kinetic and pattern based, it's beautiful, in my opinion, a gem among all rhythm games. I will love to see how your first level will be! Cheers. ToiR
  2. Version 1.0.0


    so here's a quick level i made to try if some just shapes and beats gameplay could be translated into soundodger. The result is, as you see, a weird experiment that looks somewhat like one of the first levels of the tutorial, I hope you like this, cause i put some thought on it, since making gimmicks of another game into soundodger is difficult sometimes, even though it does not look amazing i'd like you to leave a review of the level, what you liked and what you didn't (especially this one! this is my source for improvement!) have a nice day : D video:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    i honestly think that this level ended up being pretty good, it's not AMAZING or has much effects but, it's pretty decent, fits the song like a glove in my opinion

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