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    • By Waved · Posted
      Hmmm. I wasn't a fan of thing one at all. There were 2 major issues that are pretty hard to fix (I even find them hard to avoid myself) so don't feel bad (also, it's all just my opinion so don't sweat it). I felt like the song sets it up to be a level that would be difficult to make fun. This level was too fast and made it not very enjoyable. Patterns come at you with not nearly enough time to react and dodge properly. There's not much to elaborate, it's just that basic and major of an issue. Like I said, the song doesn't do any favours to help that so I can't blame you.  There was an overall lack of things that were interesting. Everything was just pretty basic accompanied by overly high speeds and it all kinda felt like the same thing and forgettable.  So yeah, not one of your best levels in my opinion. I guess there wasn't an abuse of copy/paste which was a good thing for me. I feel like you may be falling into a spiral of just using the same patterns in every single level, which grows tiresome for me anyways. Like I said, I'm guessing you tried to experiment with fast songs? I like that, that's a good thing. It's a start and good practice for whats hopefully later to come. That's all.
    • By Waved · Posted
      This is like your 3rd level or something? I thought it was pretty decent. There were a few things that I'm about to mention that I think are fair criticisms about this. Some small things: The very start with the streams pattern seemed so much harder and chaotic compared to the rest of a calm level. I guess at least it's at the start. Some parts seemed so much more empty than others and the inconsistency was noticeable to make them feel like unfinished afterthoughts. There were several patterns that seemed too fast for the tone and mood of the song and resulted in unfair gameplay in some spots. 2 larger but still small things:
      -The part in the middle with the streams with 0 time warp seemed kinda cool but when playing it didn't feel synced or fitting? There was plenty of noise during the absolute 0 time warp and it felt off.  -There was this one pattern with waves being shot and then super fast hugs being shot to the middle and I remember it being really hard to activate them? It's an easy fix and went on for a while. So yeah. For a 3rd or something level, this was pretty good. While it had it's issues it was an interesting take on the song compared to the other level of it. I noticed it wasn't especially memorable or fresh feeling but that's a lot to ask of a newer creator. Cool level, good work. (also small thing, RVN happens to be Seth's old username and when I saw it I jumped lol. With the new (not that new anymore) feature of folders, I find putting a prefix on levels kinda redundant and unnecessary now, but it doesn't really matter)
    • By Waved · Posted
      What a cool level, not only in size but in the sheer hard work of everyone involved. The levels are vastly different, some are really good, and others are perhaps not my type, but I would say a combination of the 2 would make me place this level comfortably with an 8. Can't wait for the next level! 
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